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Closing out 2018 with Webinars on Fertility, Prison Gardens, Cover Cropping, Biodynamics

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2018 October Issue Newsletter

By Anna Gilbert-Muhammad, Webinar Coordinator

Summer is closing out for everyone and we hope that the growing season was a productive and fun time for everyone.  NOFA/Mass will be rounding out the year with lessons learned from seasoned farmers, highlights from Food Access programs in non -traditional settings, soil fertility with cover cropping and growing techniques that work with mother nature’s timing.  Listed below are the remaining webinars for 2018:

  • September 25: Fertility First: Practical Lessons from Many Hands Organic Farm – Julie Rawson NOFA/Mass Executive Director and Co-Owner of Many Hands Organic Farm
  • October 30: Prison Gardens and Their Therapeutic Affects – Renee Portanova, New Garden Society
  • November 27: The Benefits of Cover Cropping – Julie Fine, Johnny’s Seeds
  • December 18: Biodynamic Growing – Anthony Mecca, Biodynamic Association

All webinars are FREE and can be seen on any device or via phone.  For more information or to receive an email reminder, please contact Anna Gilbert-Muhammad at 413-214-1237 or Links to upcoming webinars can be found at Past webinars are also available to view on our YouTube channel.


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