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Good Businesses are Good for the World

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2018 October Issue Newsletter

By Christy Basset, Membership Coordinator

Like it or not, money can make a real difference in the world.  How we choose to use it can be more important than we think. 

For every dollar that a business takes in, it is given an opportunity to grow and expand its reach.  If it is a successful business, that dollar is multiplied, and its mission is advanced.  We, as consumers and fellow business owners, have a real opportunity to affect change in a positive way when we look more closely at which businesses we’d like to see progress. 

The easiest way to do this is to look for companies who offer the services you need and are supporting the same values that you hold dear.  If you are a member of NOFA/Mass, you likely care deeply about our environment and the health of our communities.  Those are qualities that each and every one of us who have put our faith into this organization exudes daily.  We practice organic land care, put healthy food into our bodies, and preach it to anyone who asks why.

Why not take that vision just a step further, and extend the expectation of the same values to the businesses that we share our paychecks with?  Many of you are entrepreneurs, work for a small business, or are a part of an organization that has ties to organic agriculture.  If that’s you, we hope that you also identify yourself as a business member of NOFA/Mass.

Business members are individuals, families, partners and organizations who have direct interest in strengthening the impact of our tribe in our communities.  They have aligned themselves with our vision and have placed their names on the wall as a testament to that commitment.

If you would like to support more businesses who also back NOFA/Mass and our goal of educating and advocating for organic food, we encourage you to scan the list of current business members on our website for one that can meet your needs.  It’s a great place to start.  Do your research, spend the time to look beyond the bill and see what good they are doing in the world.  Your dollars go on to change the lives of others even after they leave your hands, so place them wisely.  Who will you empower next? 

Contact Christy at or visit to become an active supporting or business member and have your business name added to our website.


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