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Join the Team for our Food as Medicine Run/Walk!

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2018 October Issue Newsletter

By Heather Dinneen, Development Director

Rows of crops at Woven Roots Farm.

On November 4 NOFA/Mass folks of all sorts will be gathering to walk, run, cheer each other on, and share in a delicious farm food potluck to raise money for our high-quality organic food and farming educational programming and policy work. We are looking for team members and hope you will join us! 

Your support will help us continue to bring in experts in agronomy, herbalism, nutrition, and food preservation and preparation, as we work to further our organizational literacy around soil carbon sequestration and its relationship to human and planetary health , all accomplished in our unique grass-roots, each one, teach one way.

It all starts with strong soil fertility, biodiverse growing systems, and innovative approaches with natural wellness practices featuring prebiotic foods, herbs and organic fruits, vegetables and animal products. Look for educational opportunities throughout the year at our education events, in our publications, webinars, podcasts and conferences. Join us for this exciting adventure!

Join the team at OR learn more about the event at

Lexington High School, Lexington, MA

November 4, 2018

Gather at 11 AM

Walk/Run begins at 12 PM

Farm Food Potluck at 1 PM at our NOFA/Mass info table

Can't make it that day?  Don't worry, you can still contribute in a meaningful way.  Sponsor one of our awesome team members at  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and NOFA/Mass needs to raise $20,000!  Help us do this!


Remember: We at NOFA/Mass use all kinds of resources with the frugality of farmers. We reuse, recycle, repurpose, and compost in all the realms of the organization.  We are barebones and gritty (and fun too!).  With very little, we offer the best education and policy work on organic farming and food around.  Your contribution to our $20,000 goal will go a long way! 


When Congressman Jim McGovern toured Many Hands Organic Farm (led by our Executive Director Julie Rawson) this August, he echoed the importance of food being considered medicine. “There are curative elements to the food we eat and we should be armed with that knowledge,” McGovern shared. “Whether it’s the health of the soil or it’s the knowledge we have about the food we are buying, if you want to keep people healthy and lower health care costs getting all of this right is incredibly important.” 



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