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Bulk Order Opens January 1 – Start Making Your List!

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts November Issue Newsletter

By Barrett Anderson, Bulk Order Coordinator

With chilly nights, crisp days, and a frost already here, fall has firmly landed. As we busy ourselves wrapping up this season’s work and harvests, it’s also time to start planning for next year.  With next season’s promises whirling in our heads, let me introduce myself as the new Bulk Order Coordinator. 

The NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order, of course, is a long-standing NOFA/Mass tradition, established in 1985 to serve farmers, homesteaders, and gardeners across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.  NOFA/Mass works directly with a number of suppliers to offer a selection of cover crop seed, hand tools, livestock supplies, seed potatoes, mineral amendments, onion sets, inoculants, packing supplies, and more at a lower price to customers, while also helping fund critical NOFA/Mass programs and activities, such as food access and soil carbon sequestration education.  We have a diverse roster of suppliers involved – Progressive Grower, Earthcare Farm, Fertrell, Ideal Compost Co., North Country Organics, Vermont Compost Company, it’s a great list!

Last February I began working for NOFA/Mass as the Administrative Director and am thrilled to be a part of such a vibrant community “fighting the good fight,” and advocating for important causes.  When Caro Roszell, who has impeccably managed the bulk order for the last three years, announced that she was looking to let go of that role to focus on her other NOFA/Mass duties, I jumped at the opportunity to further my roles and responsibilities in this organization.  I have a strong retail background going back to my very first job at 14 – clerk at my local general store, The Petersham Country Store.  Since then I’ve helped manage and run my wife’s family’s award-winning shop in Cambridge, Abodeon, and, as the roles of Bulk Order Coordinator and Administrative Director have a good deal of overlap to begin with, it seems like a natural fit. 

I’m excited to work hard and bring you the 2019 NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order.  Ordering starts January 1.  Stay tuned for more details.


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