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Join us for the Annual Post-Conference Dinner at 6pm January 12, 2019

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2019 January Issue Newsletter

By Heather Dinneen, Development Director

Mid-Summer CSA share from a Massachusetts Organic Farm. Enjoy a local, organic dinner with fellow organic activists

Join NOFA/Mass community members at the Post-Conference Dinner following a full day of workshops at the Winter Conference!  All proceeds from this event go to support NOFA/Mass.

Starting at 6pm, the Annual Post-Conference Dinner will begin with a keynote address from Scott and Erica Muhammed, Co-Directors of SEED (Students for Education Development in Tuskegee, Alabama).  This will be followed by a delicious, locally sourced, organic dinner created by the chefs at Worcester State University.  Take this opportunity to continue conversations from the conference and network with like-minded individuals over food and drink.  

Erica Muhammad is the Co-Director of Students for Education and Economic Development (SEED Inc) along with her husband, Scott Muhammad.  The organization was founded in 2010 to provide educational and economic development opportunities to residents of low-income, high-risk, and special needs communities.  SEED Inc is headquartered in historic Tuskegee, Alabama with chapters in six states.  Erica is a homeschool educator by day and teaches classes to children in the community during the afternoons and weekends.  She enjoys feeding her community through her plant-based culinary skills and through the local food pantry where she is a volunteer.  She is the widow and former student of the Reverend James Luther Bevel, who served as the Director of Direct Action and Nonviolent Education for SCLC under the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  She has worked in the field of holistic community development in Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, DC, and Alabama.  Erica and Scott have five children together—Samira, Jamerica, Jihad, Na’im, and Safa.

Scott Muhammad is the Co-Director of Students for Education and Economic Development (SEED Inc) along with his wife, Erica Muhammad.  He is an organic Master Gardener and a student of biointensive growing methods. 

A Chicago native, Scott is a member of the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  While in Chicago, he was a pioneer of unarmed security in some of Chicago’s most dangerous housing projects, a facilitator of a gang truce stretching from the North Side of Chicago to the far South Suburbs, and a community organizer for the Million Man March/Holy Day of Atonement.  

After the Million Man March, Scott’s interest in agriculture and background in conflict resolution and community reconciliation led him to join the late Reverend James Bevel as a member of his executive staff at the national office of the Holy Day of Atonement, where they declared a War on Murder.  As part of the War on Murder, SEED is installing an Atonement Memorial Garden to remember local murder victims. 

Scott has a formal film education and, along with Erica, co-directs the annual Jubilee Film Festival in Selma, Alabama.  

Besides offering a keynote address at the Post-Conference Dinner, Scott and Erica will also be co-presenting a workshop entitled Soil, Food and Health: Cultivating Communities during Workshop Session 2 at the NOFA/Mass Winter Conference.

Pre-registration for the Post-Conference Dinner is suggested.  Tickets can be purchased separately, or as a part of your Winter Conference registration.  Click here for to register.


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