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NOFA Tri-State (MA, CT, RI) Bulk Order Opens January 1, 2019

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2019 January Issue Newsletter

By Barrie Anderson, Bulk Order Coordinator

Volunteers help to unload a delivery truck at the NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order

As of January 1st, the 2019 NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order is officially open for business.  The Bulk Order team has been working diligently to bring you a great selection of farming and gardening supplies for your growing season; we have potting soil, cover crop seeds, soil amendments, packing supplies, tools, tubers, onion sets, and more.  Here are some particularly exciting things about the 2019 NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order:

  • One pickup day!  In one of the biggest changes to the bulk order, we have consolidated delivery of all items – including tubers and onion sets – into the same day, meaning you only need to spend one day to get all your bulk order goodies!  Pick up your entire order on Saturday, April 13th.  Are you worried that April 13th is too late to put your potting soil to use?  Don’t fret – we have you covered.  Potting soil and compost will be available to pick up on Saturday, March 9th at your preferred pick up site.  If you don’t need your potting soil early just wait and pick it up with everything else on April 13th!  (Volunteers are welcome to help sorting at the pickup sites during the week leading up to pick up day).
  • Custom Cover Crop Cocktail seed blends!  One of the biggest challenges for the 2019 Bulk Order has been dealing with the closing of Lancaster Agriculture Products, which has been one of our main suppliers and providers of all of the custom cover cover-crop cocktail blends.  With lots of assistance from former Bulk Order Coordinator, Caro Roszell, and input from the knowledge folks on the NOFA/Mass staff and board, we’ve been able to tweak and improve the cocktail recipes and our three organic cover crop blends will be available, provided by Fedco seeds.  We have:
    • Fall-to-Spring Cover Mix - builds biomass, fixes Nitrogen, and protects soil over the winter months.  Contains  oats, Austrian winter pea, winter rye, winter wheat, alice white clover, medium red clover, tillage radish, and hairy vetch.
    • Winterkill Mix – builds fertility and biomass, opens the subsoil, attracts beneficial insects and protects soil during hot-weather fallow periods. Contains oats, field peas, forage soy, spring barley, tillage radish, BMR sorghum sudangrass, and buckwheat.
    • Perennial & Pasture Mix – builds biomass and fertility, attracts beneficial insects, opens the subsoil, and provides forage for poultry and ruminants in fields to become fallow or pasture for multiple years. Contains orchard grass, alfalfa, timothy, perennial ryegrass, Rivendell clover, and tall fescue.
  • AEA Products!  We are truly excited to bring products from Advancing Eco Agriculture, John Kempf’s company, to the 2019 Bulk Order.  John Kempf, who is the keynote speaker at the 2019 NOFA/Mass Winter Conference, has built a company that offers some well-designed and highly targeted liquid amendments for soil drenching and foliar leaf applications along with effective microbial inoculants and bio-stimulants– now available through the Bulk Order!!

Place your orders from January 1st to February 1st, either online at or via print-out pdf (available at  Pick up your items on Saturday, April 13th, and happy growing!

Pickup Sites for 2019:

  • Barre, MA: Many Hands Organic Farm, 411 Sheldon Rd, Barre, MA
  • Belchertown, MA: NESFI, 275 Jackson St, Belchertown, MA
  • Dalton, MA: Holiday Farm, 100 Holiday Cottage Rd, Dalton, MA
  • Essex, MA: Alprilla Farm, 94 John Wise Ave, Essex, MA
  • Seekonk, MA: Early Dawn Farm, 521 Prospect St, Seekonk, MA
  • Waltham, MA: Waltham Fields Community Farm, 240 Beaver St, Waltham, MA
  • West Wareham, MA: Progressive Grower, 81 Charlotte Furnace Rd West Wareham, MA
  • Meriden, CT: High Hill Orchard, 86 Fleming Rd, Meriden, CT
  • Wakefield, RI: Earth Care Farm LLC, 89 Country Drive, Charlestown, RI

Bulk Order Suppliers for 2019

Thank you for participating in the NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order, which saves you money on shipping while also helping support your local NOFA Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island chapters! 

Questions and concerns may be directed to:

Barrie Anderson



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