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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2019 February Issue Newsletter

By Jason Valcourt, NOFA Summer Conference Coordinator

I know it is deep winter at the moment, but if you NOFA members think summer for just a moment, you can take advantage of the NOFA Summer Conference’s two-day $99 Super Early Bird Special. The 45th Annual NOFA Summer Conference will celebrate the theme: Nutrition Matters: Soil Health Builds Human Health.Mark your calendar for the weekend of August 10 -11, 2019 at Hampshire College in Amherst.

In 2019, we are condensing the conference schedule into two days, from its typical three days. So, this is effectively your full weekend pass! In the hope that the conference can include more people in the entire event, we are consolidating and intend to make a more potent experience for all. The Friday Intensive Workshops will be mixed into the Saturday and Sunday schedules, with full and half day options. Conference registration will still be required to attend intensives. We are also extending Sunday’s offerings with another workshop slot later in the afternoon.

Saturday, as always, will be a power-packed day with our keynote address from Sandor Katz and an evening plenary session we will soon have details for. Sandor will also offer a half day fermentation intensive workshop.

Will you be there with our keynote speaker, Sandor Katz and 800 of your food/farming friends?

Sandor Katz, the 2019 NOFA Summer Conference keynote speakerIn the nearly 30 years that Sandor Katz has been making, writing, teaching and traveling the world learning about fermentation, his name has become nearly synonymous with sauerkraut to the many who learned this art from his books and workshops (in fact, he sometimes goes by Sandorkraut).  Katz is credited with popularizing and reviving interest in fermented and microbial foods, decades before the explosion in awareness of the gut microbiome and its relationship with human health.

His 2003 book, Wild Fermentation (now in its 2nd Edition), is a deeply practical guidebook to fermenting that weaves together instructions on making fermented foods like sourdough, honey wine, kombucha, miso, yogurt (and– of course—kraut) with reflections on traditional food cultures, microbiology, the industrial food system and nutrition. In 2006 his second book was published—an exploration of food activism called The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved. And, in 2012 he wrote The Art of Fermentation—a more in-depth and expansive take on fermentation that became a New York Times Bestseller. 

At the 2019 Summer Conference, Sandor Katz will remind us of why fermentation is not only an act of food culture, but it is an act that helps us create the healthier, more grounded, more resilient and more biologically diverse future that we need. Come and learn more about how to integrate fermentation and living food culture into your life. In the meantime, here is a great New York Times documentary short you can watch to learn more about his philosophy of fermentation. 

These Super Early Bird rates will be available through March 18th - just after NOFA-NH’s Winter Conference. Registration will then close until it officially opens again on May 1st for our plain old Early Bird special.

Don’t be plain. Be Super! Register now!


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