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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2019 March Issue Newsletter

By Julie Rawson, Executive Director

Missy Hollenback, Development Associate, and Suzy Konecky, Development Director

When Heather Dinneen realized the need to move on from development with NOFA/Mass a cascade of change occurred in our staff.

Christy Bassett decided to leave her role as Membership Coordinator and Database Manager to take over our marketing efforts – that is all the contacting of the businesses and non-profits that advertise, exhibit and sponsor us. So Christy, who has been taking on jobs since she got here in the fall of 2017 has now landed with Communications and Marketing Director.

Suzy Konecky of Williamstown, who worked for us in 2013-2015 as our Beginning Farmer Coordinator has come back to us and has been hired as our Development Director.

Missy Hollenback of Shrewsbury has joined us as our Development Associate.

And Ryann Malone, just around the corner in Barre, is coming on as our Membership and Database Coordinator. Read more below about these great new members of our staff.

Suzy Konecky

“I am thrilled to be working with NOFA/Mass.  NOFA/Mass is a powerful organization of dedicated people making real waves in organic food production.  I am endlessly impressed by NOFA's commitment to preserving the integrity of organic production, moving the needle on social justice issues, and continually bringing the important connections between soil health, food quality, and human health to light.  I relish the challenge of finding new and creative ways to deepen NOFA's development efforts so that we may broaden and strengthen our programmatic work and further solidify the financial stability of the organization.  

Prior to staring at NOFA, I helped manage a dairy farm for almost six years.  Most of my business and organizational management experience comes from that position where I learned firsthand that it takes diligent and creative planning to build financial sustainability.  Through that work I developed a knack for data collection and analysis, and I downright enjoy creating the perfect spreadsheet or generating the most useful QuickBooks report.  My joy of number crunching is only matched by my firm belief in the power of those numbers.

I have also worked on several diversified vegetable farms, and studied agriculture at Cornell University.  I have enjoyed years of varied work in communications, fundraising, and operations. I came into development work while leading the fundraising efforts of a small, progressive, mission-driven boarding school in Williamstown, MA. In addition to working with NOFA/Mass, I make functional ceramics, go on regular sunrise hikes with my husband and dog, and love to cook nourishing food.”  

Missy Hollenback

“I grew up in a poor farming and blue collar Pennsylvania town located in the Appalachian Mountains; the farms are now gone, replaced by fracking piles.  My husband and I met in graduate school at UMass Amherst and in 1992 we got married. We live in Shrewsbury and have 2 daughters, one a Sophomore at Smith College and the other in 8thgrade. I was the first in my family to attend college and earned a BS in Business Administration and a MS in Labor Studies. 

I have an eclectic work background consisting of retail management, sales, office management, internship coordinator, farmer market manager and telemarketer. I see the world in a macro view and immediately try to connect all the dots. I am a community activist involved with social justice, education, recycling and other environmental issues. I am involved in the League of Women Voters, PTO’s, Girl Scouts, MCAN, Days for Girls, and other groups. I help them to create new fundraising venues and reinvigorate their membership for moving forward. 

In 2004, I read a tiny AP news filler article about US world security and a Pentagon department report that climate changes will be the most destructive force in world security and they were not sure what could be done. The little article was from a report called An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security.  I started to worry about my daughters’ future, and felt driven to be more active and help others learn and care about the changes as well. I read everything about climate change, sustainability, and organic practices and joined groups and attended workshops and conferences which consisted mainly of a few old hippies and lots of college students. I learned new phrases like “green social justice”, “carbon footprint” and more science than I learned in 18 years of school. I am so excited to work with NOFA/Mass and learn from others who share my passions and to help others learn about NOFA. 

I have a black poodle named Snowy and 2 cats and I continue to nudge the hubby about adding chickens. I love gardening and practice organic.  My lawn in the middle of a suburban development is registered as a “Monarch Watch Way Station” and is full of weeds according to my neighbors. I love reading, traveling, hiking, recycling and cooking using local products.” 

Ryann Malone

Ryann Malone, Membership and Database Coordinator“I currently live in Barre, MA with my fiancé and 17-year-old daughter. I also have two older sons who live in Palmer, MA. One is a firefighter and the other a fire alarm and sprinkler technician.  I am a very proud mom and my children are truly my greatest accomplishments in life.

I have more than 20 years of experience in management, bookkeeping, office administration, business development, human resources, financial planning, and staff development. I have learned most of my skills working for only two companies over the past 20 years. I am a very loyal and dedicated person when it comes to everything I do, especially my job. I hope to bring all of these skills with me to NOFA and share everything I have to offer. I have a passion for organization, spreadsheets and policies. Even with my love for structure, I have a creative way of thinking and will always bring new ideas to the table. I am eager to dig into the new database, and help create a system that will be cohesive and beneficial to all involved.

What attracted me to NOFA is the opportunity to learn something new that could be beneficial to my family, friends and myself. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can and not only share the wealth of knowledge that all of you have, but to incorporate it into my own lifestyle. I have recently changed my way of eating and I am pleasantly surprised with the health benefits it has already brought.

I am looking forward to working with and meeting everyone that make up the NOFA/Mass team.”

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