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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2019 March Issue Newsletter

By Lydia Irons, Podcast and Public Relations Coordinator for NOFA/Mass

Last year NOFA/Mass endeavored to go where no NOFA has gone before… the bold world of podcasting! Podcasts are on-demand audio shows that bring entertainment, news and information to millions of people. I was honored to bring all the incredible knowledge and expertise of the NOFA/Mass community to a new audience. The first season started off with a buzz, interviewing Angela Roell about bee keeping and continued covering topics that are important to homesteaders, farmers, gardeners, and food justice activists alike. The podcast features a hotline for folks to call in and share stories of farm successes and downfalls in a segment we call “Farm Hacks and Farm Fails.”  We ended season one with an interview with John Kempf, keynote speaker of the 2019 NOFA/Mass Winter Conference. In twenty episodes we gained hundreds of subscribers over multiple platforms including iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. Most importantly- it was so much fun! Now, I am back in the studio with a whole new set up for Season Two, available March 6th, 2019.

Last season the NOFA/Mass Podcast got a lot of great feedback from our listeners. I loved reading every email and listening to every voicemail! One piece of constructive criticism I received was that my interviews with farmers where a little *ahem* basic. I am not a farmer and though I worked hard to find the questions that all of my listeners would want to know from our interviewees, my questions were more surface than someone with more knowledge would think to ask. So, we are changing it up for Season Two!

In each episode I will be joined by a guest host from the NOFA/Mass family that will interview an expert on the topic. Before the interview the guest host and I will chat about the topic and I may even bring some weird history lessons to the conversation. (Prepare for puns!) Finally, I will hand the interview reins to the guest host. I am excited for you all to hear the in-depth, thought provoking, (and sometimes hilarious), conversations we have!

Caro and Lydia yuking it upThe topic of our first episode is Profitability on a Small Farm. My co-host is Caro Roszell, NOFA/Mass Education Director and farmer at New Wendell Farm. We had a blast talking farm finance and the many ways in which farmers’ work fills their hearts (if not always their wallets). Then Caro interviews Paul and Sandy Arnold of Pleasant Valley Farm in Argyle, New York. They blew my mind! They reveal the secret to being farmers who can go on vacation, like for real, to a beach in Barbados! You’ll enjoy their story about an old washing machine that bit the dust, the size of their bed, and other important life lessons learned on the farm. Shout out to Caro for her burgeoning interviewer talent!  And if you are compelled to learn more from Paul and Sandy in person, you can register to attend the upcoming NOFA/Mass educational event for Advanced Growers on High Tunnel Management on Sunday March 10, 2019.

This coming season we are hoping to get deeper into each topic and give you, our listeners, more information and inspiration to be the best regenerative members of this planet you can be! Find us on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and Podcast Addict by searching for “NOFA/Mass Podcast” or listen on our website at

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