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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2019 June Issue Newsletter

By Christy Bassett for NOFA/Mass

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

The second annual spring Membership Drive at NOFA/Mass came in with record numbers.  Fifty three new members joined our community of conscientious growers and consumers between April 1 and May 15, 2019.  This number is over 50% higher than the number of new members that found us last year at this time, confirming that NOFA/Mass is continuing to grow and thrive.

Our membership now consists of over 1100 individuals, families, farms and businesses that have united with a common interest in organic agriculture in our home state.  This community has functioned as the heart of the organic movement in Massachusetts for over 35 years and with this renewed collective energy we continue to educate and empower everyone who seeks to engage in the charge.

Besides the increase in membership numbers, we have also seen an incredible outpouring of continued support from our current members.  This year we introduced a new “Sustaining Member” category that allows members to spread out their contribution to the organization throughout the year.  For $5 or more per month, donors will receive an ongoing Family/Small Farm membership that never expires as long as you are donating monthly.  Not only is this way of giving beneficial to the member, being easier on the bank account than one lump sum, it also allows members to make a larger annual contribution to the organization by choosing a small monthly payment that adds up to a greater impactful gift over time.

Membership funds are a major and consistent source of funding for NOFA/Mass.  Without the full commitment of our members to renew their contribution each year we would not be able to provide such a diverse array of educational programming or spearhead such strong organic policy campaigns.  Our biweekly podcasts, monthly webinars, monthly e-newsletter, on site educational events, quarterly newspaper The Natural Farmer, and our two amazing annual conferences are all open and available to the public.  We never require membership to learn from or participate in what we offer.  But we do count on your contributions to continue.

Now with over 30 Sustaining Members donating to NOFA/Mass monthly, we have a steady stream of income to count on each month. From the soil to the trees, and the seeds to our tables, we are grateful for your commitment to NOFA/Mass.  Thank you!

To join our growing group of Sustaining Members, donate now or email to set up your recurring donation.


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