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Top 7 Reasons to Attend the NOFA Summer Conference (with tongue in cheek)

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2019 August Issue Newsletter

By Jason Valcourt, NOFA Summer Conference Coordinator

There is too much going on and we are too close to the conference to be eloquent and wax poetic about the conference and how amazing it is shaping up to be. So, we’ve condensed this newsletter into a bullet list for your reading pleasure.

Here are the top 7 reasons to attend this year’s NOFA Summer Conference:

7. You can spend an entire summer weekend shopping……for delightful, high quality, locally made organic products!

6. We are all soil nerds and soil nerd lovers and we think you are as well. 

5. You just may find your lifelong farming family.

4. Three amazing local bands will play for you a private concert. Well, semiprivate. With a few other folks. But very much intimate and bound to be super special.

soil nerds are the best nerds

3. You can share a salad with some amazing and experienced farming heroes. You don’t have to share if you don’t want to though.

2. Sandor Katz is really nice to talk to.

1. You could win our first annual skillet toss. Well, you could. And, you can!

And here are some other reasons to attend as well!

  • Sandor Katz is our Keynote speaker! You will never let your ferments lapse again.
  • Intensive Workshops on Fermentation, Hemp, Cut Flowers and Herbalism.- you can go home an expert.
  • Dr. Kris Nichols – glomalin any one?
  • Organic Labeling Debate with Johanna Mirenda and Dave Chapman – and moderated by Jack Kittredge.
  • Our amazing and educational Children’s Conference – numbers are expanding, already to 30 kids.
  • Our Teen Summit – there are 111 attendees already signed up!

Children flock to the Kids ConferenceSee the full program on our website.

Join our Facebook page here.

And, yes, please Register now to save $10 on the walk-in price before August 8th!

Hope to see you next weekend!


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