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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2019 October Issue Newsletter

By Suzy Konecky, NOFA/Mass Development Director

On November 3rd, 2019 a cohort of NOFA/Mass staff, board members, and supporters, will join together in Lexington Massachusetts to walk and run for the climate, our health, and the health of our land. We have done this run/walk every year for the past 7 years, and each time it is a little different.  Some years we have a slightly different group of people join us. Some years a few participants decide to run instead of walk—running a 5k and 10k are options in addition to walking the 5k. Some years the sky is blue and the sun is warm, some years it is grey and the air reminds you that it is indeed already November. The constant through all these years is that the purpose of the run/walk is to bring attention and funds to the important work that NOFA/Mass engages in all year. Each year we ask all participants to do a bit of fundraising for the organization in advance of the event, we are all doing our part in helping to sustain the organization that is addressing some of our most pressing societal needs of food production and soil/climate/human health.

Everyone is welcome to join the NOFA/Mass team to walk, run or fundraise for Human Health and Climate Action
Everyone is welcome to join the NOFA/Mass team to walk,
run or fundraise for Human Health and Climate Actionaption

This is an open invitation to all of you. We invite anyone who follows the work of NOFA/Mass, who cares about the future of food in our region and our world, who tends the land, who wants to make a difference. Walk or run with us on November 3rd and be part of this fundraising effort that helps power our organization through the year. 

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