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Meet our New Tri-State Bulk Order Coordinator, Meg Galeucia

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2019 November Issue Newsletter

By Barrie Anderson, NOFA/Mass Administrative Director

Meg Galeucia, NOFA/Mass Bulk Order Coordinator

I am excited to welcome Meg Galeucia to the team as the NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order Coordinator.  Meg brings a wealth of experience, both with farming and food access, to the position and NOFA/Mass is excited to have her on staff.

Meg works at Abode Farm in New Lebanon, New York (right over the Massachusetts border), a draft-powered, organic vegetable farm that utilizes organic and biodynamic practices.  She is also a member of a goat dairy collective, manages the gardens and grounds at the Abode of the Message community, and runs a small medicinal herb business, Shaker Mountain Herbals, with her partner. 

Meg’s experience with food access and food justice work spans several years and a variety of avenues: she was a researcher for the NYC Food Policy Center, managed the Healthy Schools Brooklyn Program at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and has been involved with organizing with migrant farmworkers, biodynamic farmers, and food access groups in addition to her current role as a farmer at Abode Farm.

Meg is incredibly excited to work on the 2020 NOFA-Tri State Bulk Order and bring her background and experience to the NOFA community. 

About the NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order

The NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order is a community program designed to save participants money on farm and garden supplies while also supporting the education and advocacy work of your local NOFA chapter in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Participation in the NOFA Bulk Order connects farmers and gardeners as they plan, order, and ultimately help unload and pick up their supplies for the upcoming planting season. 

Through the carefully curated Bulk Order Catalogue, people are able to keep up to date with the latest, greatest tools, soil amendments, fertilizers, cocktail cover crop mixes, compost, potting soil, tubers, and more, all with the guarantee of being certified for organic use by Baystate Organic Certifiers. 

Look for supplemental educational programming from NOFA/Mass (including this month’s article on Spring-Sown Cover Crops) to learn the “why’s” and “how’s” of using some of the items available for purchase from the Bulk Order.

The 2020 NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order will open for business on January 1, 2020.


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