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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2019 December Issue Newsletter

By Caro Roszell, Jason Valcourt and Marty Dagoberto

Join NOFA/Mass, Toxics Action Center, Regeneration Massachusetts and Carey Gillam on Friday, January 10, 2020 for a Full-Day Activist Training on Glyphosate Reduction at Worcester State University. 

Have you heard the success stories of entire communities banning the use Glyphosate on their public lands? The list is surprisingly long: Seattle, WA, Miami, FL, Austin, TX, and towns across California are just the beginning of a powerful trend of public empowerment. Closer to home, Warwick, MA has a ban in effect and other Massachusetts towns such as Falmouth, Chatham, Wellesley, and Eastham have strong restrictions in place. 

If this kind of action inspires you, we invite you to join us to learn skills and tactics essential to making your town pesticide free!  At this full day event, you will connect with pesticide activists from across the region for a deep dive into local organizing to stop glyphosate use and promote organic landcare in your community. 

More information about Glyphosate & the Community Pesticide Reduction Network 

Learn with us through informational sessions and discussion groups
Learn with us through informational sessions
and discussion groups

As you may have read in a related article in this same newsletter, legislators at the Massachusetts Statehouse heard five hours of testimony earlier this month regarding proposed restrictions on the use of systemic toxic pesticides in Massachusetts, including an outright ban on the use of glyphosate on state owned lands. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto/Bayers’ Roundup and is a broad-spectrum herbicide and crop desiccant with some anti-microbial applications. It is also considered a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization and is the subject of over 42,000 lawsuits. To learn more about Glyphosate, visit the NOFA/Mass glyphosate resources page. 

What we learned on November 12 was that momentum is building to protect the environment in which we live from the interconnected threats of insect extinction, bird population decline, soil degradation, and rising rates of chronic human illness.

We at NOFA/Mass are keeping this momentum going by partnering with Toxics Action Center to hold monthly conference calls for activists working on town/city-level pollinator protection and pesticide ordinances. The “Community Pesticide Reduction” (CPR) network allows us to learn from each other, share resources and tactics (so no one has to reinvent the wheel), and connect for a statewide movement. To join the network, please fill out this form

We are thrilled to host our first-in person training for the CPR network. On January 10th at Worcester State University, we will have a full-day training for newcomers and seasoned activists alike who want to organize to reduce/eliminate the use of glyphosate and promote organic landcare in their communities. 

One of our speakers, Laura Kelley of Eastham, started an organization called Protect our Cape Cod Aquifer (POCCA), and has achieved a string of victories across the Cape in recent months, passing policies and regulations to restrict the use of glyphosate on town property. “I do what I do because I don’t want to drink toxic water,” says Laura, “and I found that once I started educating town officials, I was able to get them to agree.”

Through informational sessions and discussion groups, we will all work on improving our facts, arguments, and tactics for passing local policies, ordinances, regulations, or bylaws that protect our children, pets, bees and birds from unnecessary toxic chemical exposure. 

Join with like-minded activists across the state in this important work! We would love to have you in this fight with us. 

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Registration details and a full agenda can be found here.


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