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Your 2020 NOFA/Mass Winter Conference Roundup

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This article comes from the NOFA/Massachusetts 2020 January Issue Newsletter

This is what’s in store for you on January 11th at Worcester State University By Jason Valcourt, NOFA/Mass Winter Conference Coordinator

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What’s in store for the most amazing conference of the New Year?

One amazing keynote speaker. 

Award winning journalist, Carey Gillam’s daily actions to expose the corruption of the Bayer/Monsanto conglomerate are so astoundingly brave and forthright we can’t wait to hear from her at our keynote address. If by chance you don’t approve of the Bayer/Monsanto behemoth, you’ll be glad to know that Carey is a relentless watchdog, calling out the lies and deception at every turn. Her Twitter feed is stacked with fact checking and general calling out of the barrage of misinformation Bayer/Monsanto has continuously promoted in the face overwhelming public health concerns and a growing line of illnesses and lawsuits. We hope you’ll join us for the latest insights from Carey’s work!

Two Full-Day Intensive Programs.

Farming in the Balance: Farmer Resilience for the Long Haul

With Ricky Baruch and Deb Habib, Seeds of Solidarity

If you are a farmer and find yourself in need of grounding and re-establishing your heartfelt value-based approach to this meaningful work, Farming in the Balance will help you regroup and set your sights on the next phase of your life. Ricky and Deb founded Seeds of Solidarity farm and education center and deeply enjoy helping farmers stay in the game for the long haul.

More info here.

Beliefs, Behaviors and Bacteria: An Ecosystem Approach to Healing

With Kathleen DiChiara, FDN, INHC, BNI-P

If you are interested in helping yourself and/or your family thrive through a better understanding of the ingredients you purchase and the nutritional values of your food, as well as the importance of gut health in overall wellness, this program will get you informed and empowered. Kathleen DiChiara’s knowledge base of nutrition, the hidden toxins in food and the effects on our wellness will take your understanding to the next level. Kathleen heads Rhode Island’s Weston A. Price chapter and has a long list of credentials as a nutritionist for you to benefit from.

More info here.

80+ expert presenters and 60+ workshops

The range of workshops is vast, and the depth of knowledge is astonishing. Our presenters will take you from soil microbes to bee health, agroforestry to CSA models, ancient grains and medicinal herbs all the way to climate crisis mitigation. Whichever your interest, you can find a path through this program that will elevate and inspire your knowledge base and create connections to support your work in the field.

See a snapshot of the conference workshops here, and a full listing with descriptions here.

60+ knowledgeable exhibitors

Throughout the day you can tap in to the knowledge of over 60 exhibitors and peruse their organic/regenerative product lines. From locally made high quality food products to the fencing and greenhouse suppliers you may need to explore before starting your next gardening/farming phase.

A full day children’s conference for a ridiculously good price - $10 (yes, $10).

While you get educated throughout the day, your kids can also enjoy a full conference program of their own that includes workshops with skilled educators, farm inspired crafts, a full-fledged theatrical performance and plenty of time for music and merry-making.

More info here.

Dinner and conversation after the conference

Join us for a fresh organic meal and casual conversation immediately following the NOFA/Mass Winter Conference.  Dan Kittredge, Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association, will deliver a short keynote address before dinner is served.  

More info here.

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