Strawberries and strawberry jellyBy Anna Gilbert-Muhammad, NOFA/Mass Food Access Coordinator

As 2020 is placed in the rearview mirror, the youth leaders at Tapley Court Apartments/Home City Housing look forward to planning the next round of plantings for the garden. This year food preservation will be a big drive for the garden. 

During the practice sessions for the canning demonstration, the youth discussed some of the things that they are looking forward to planting and preserving.  Much of the requests were fueled by making jellies, jams and preserves with the newfound skill of canning. The youth leaders also created fruit chips made from apples, bananas, and strawberries. These types of fruits are favorites for growing and using for canningThe classes during the early fall were intended to show the connection between gardening, supplementing the food budget and creating healthy alternatives to sweet treats normally found in stores. 

Anthony, who enjoyed the honeydew melons, expressed his excitement over the possibility of growing more sweet melons. Hwants to plant at least 5 honeydew plants this yearBrian and Agnes were both extremely interested in creating their own versions of jellies normally found in stores. 2021 looks like, in spite of a pandemic and uncertainties, it could be a good year for growing and preserving community. 

If you would like to donate to the Garden at Tapley Court Apartments by sending a berry or melon transplant, please contact Anna Gilbert-Muhammad, Food Access Coordinator at [email protected]