Willie Crosby discusses how mycoremediation is an important tool for bioremediation of urban soils. The first of a two-part series on bioremediation and how we are using plants and soil biology to ameliorate contaminated soil. If bioremediation using microbiology and plant partners is effective, such an approach can be beneficial by: *Reducing costs by eliminating the need for expensive barriers and truckloads of loam *Providing a deeper, more functional soil *Improving soil in the long run for growing crops, while breaking down toxic hydrocarbons and *Removing heavy metals to non-food-producing areas About the Presenter: Willie Crosby is the founder of Fungi Ally. He has seven years of experience as a professional mushroom grower and practices both indoor and outdoor cultivation. He has taught classes at Umass Amherst and Cornell and offers workshops about mushroom cultivation and consumption year-round.