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Executive Director of Just Roots – Job Description

Job Title: Executive Director       Closing Date: 9/6/2021                              

Full Time, exempt employee

Compensation: $85,000 annual salary and potential for higher + health and vision insurance and retirement contribution, paid time off (15 days vacation, 10 sick, 2 personal and 13 paid holidays per year) and CSA (June – Dec). Total annual package value estimated at: $105,903


Just Roots Mission: Create equitable access to healthy local food in Western Massachusetts, and work toward just, vibrant, and sustainable farm and food systems everywhere.

Just Roots Vision: We envision a world in which our food systems are equitable, resilient, sustainable and inclusive of small farms, local businesses and people who are racially and economically diverse, healthy, thriving and empowered.

This position reports to: Just Roots Board of Directors

This position supervises: Associate Director, Director of Farm Operations, Grants/Contracts Manager, Executive Assistant and the Financial Advisor (independent contractor)

Who is Just Roots:
Just Roots is a social justice organization that builds equity, connection, health, pride and empowerment in our community and beyond through food-based programs and systems change. Our farm, programming and advocacy efforts connect people to food and one another.  We do our work by growing food; connecting people of all ages and life experiences with the land; running an all-income CSA (we’ve got the biggest SNAP-enrolled low-income CSA in the state!); cooking community meals; developing partnerships with schools, health insurance companies, legislators, health clinics and other resource agencies; researching the health outcomes of CSA participation and more.  We build direct access, models, momentum and evidence for change in agricultural policy, food policy and social justice. We are a small but mighty farm-based organization with a goal to change the food system and bring more equity to the world.

Key opportunities/challenges:

Just Roots is focused on organizational growth with three key focus areas: program replication/scaling, donor development, and transformative change relative to becoming a more culturally and racially diverse organization. Just Roots has become a leader in food justice and food is medicine in Massachusetts. Its operating budget has more than doubled in the last two years while operating Food Is Medicine pilot programs running in the western and central part of the state. These programs have the potential to grow to have state-wide influence/impact. Therefore, the Executive Director has a unique and unprecedented opportunity to steward the business development of this model to serve as the connection of local, nutritious food with its target population in direct connection with healthcare and local farms. Attention must be paid to avoid boom and bust budgeting. While model expansion takes place, continuing to remain rooted and connected in our home community in Franklin County is a must, requiring a delicate balance of seemingly conflicting priorities. As programming reach expands, so must the donor base. The Executive Director has an incredible opportunity to grow donor giving across the state. Capital investment remains a keen focus area and an important part of the organization’s sustainability for staff safety and efficiency, income potential and program impact. As the organization’s constituency grows increasingly more culturally and racially diverse, it must address diversity, equity and inclusion from the inside out to create transformative change for the whole of the organization.

Job Details/Qualifications follow application (HOW TO APPLY) instructions. Please read to the end for full information.


Email with the following three items by 8/31/2021:

  1. cover letter, addressing how you and your life experiences have prepared you to excel at each of the five key responsibilities of this position listed below
  2. resume
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