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Astarte Farm is hiring!

Astarte Farm is hiring two field crew positions for the main season 2019! We are committed to no-till on all our land. We participate in practices that protect and support thriving populations of beneficials and predatory insects. Our methods are evolving and specific. We fill a niche market and have high standards to meet our customers expectations. Quality is the top priority for our produce. We select and grow for flavor, nutrition, and specialty products. We are proud to offer highly nutritious food to our community while focusing on building soil resilience in the face of weather extremes caused by climate change and continually experimenting with no-till practices.

General Field Crew PT or FT This position starts May and goes through October. We offer starting hours of 20-25 hours and capping at 40 hrs / week. At least 1 season of experience is required for this position. An ideal candidate demonstrates clear communication, ability to follow instructions, self-motivation and attention to detail. A plus if you are interested in no-till farming! We are looking for someone to keep pace in the field while harvesting, trellising, staking and hand-weeding.

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