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Homestead/Micro-Farm For Rent/Sale/Transfer

Homestead/Micro Farm 6 acre; 2 open 4 in woodlot or sugar bush, surrounded by over 600 ac. State wildlife land. This homestead has the potential to be an income producing Micro-Farm for an enterprising individual(s).

Since the early 1980’s, we’ve lovingly “homesteaded” this totally wooded, abandoned and neglected land, creating beautiful soil, organic orchards & gardens, using regenerative & permaculture techniques, and built our present home and numerous outbuildings. Co-creating soil, planting a wild and diverse quantity of food-producing plants, creating wildlife habitat, raising animals, and sharing our knowledge and experience with others has been a good life’s work. Most of this has been done by hand, through love and hard work. It’s time to step back, have new adventures and pass this on to new loving hands.

Presently at Wild Browse Farm: 3,000+ square foot garden; 1/3 acre orchard (apples, pears, plums, peaches, paw paw, chestnuts & hazel nuts); ¼ acre small fruit (strawberries, black & red raspberries, blueberries, elderberries & kiwi); ½ acre pasture; poultry (laying hens and meat birds); several smaller summer poultry coops, some mobile; electro-mesh mobile fencing; winter chicken coop with covered yard and open fenced area; small sugar-bush; productive woodlot; primary residence/home with solar domestic hot water, convection hot water system from the wood cook-stove, & composting toilet system; newly renovated caretaker cottage or rental unit; woodshed; small barn with 5kw electric solar panel; earth-bermed greenhouse; small hoop-house; two 120 square foot screen houses.

We are open to a variety of transfer options including, but not limited to: caretaker/manager, rent with option to buy, work-in with gradual transfer, direct sale, possible partial owner finance.

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