NOFA/Mass Climate Action Challenge

Take the challenge and be part of the solution.

The climate crisis is becoming a more widely recognized threat each day. With weather extremes impacting food crops, wild habitats, and growing conditions for every living thing on the planet, we are at the crucial time in history when widespread education and corrective action is critically needed.

The month-long NOFA/Mass Climate Action Challenge was developed as an annual, virtual campaign with three goals:

  • Educate the public about the intrinsic links between agriculture and climate
  • Advocate for environmentally friendly agricultural practices
  • Crowdfund $20,000 to support NOFA/Mass’s year-round education and advocacy work

We invite you to participate in the Challenge each October by:

  • Educating yourself and your network through the information that NOFA/Mass shares
  • Adjust your daily routines and choices to support a healthy climate and collective action
  • Advocate for legislation to support climate-friendly agricultural practices
  • Donate to NOFA/Mass’s Climate Action Challenge fundraising page

Check out the hashtag #nofamassclimateactionchallenge on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see how people are interacting with the challenge, and post your own updates.

View the 2022 campaign