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NOFA Conference Audio Project

This archive presents complete MP3 audio recordings and power point presentations from numerous workshops that have been presented at the NOFA Summer Conference from 2010-2014 and the 2014 & 2015 NOFA/Mass Winter Conference . These audio files are posted online by NOFA/Mass for free download. NOFA/Mass thanks Simply Organic and Green Leaf Foundation for supporting our efforts to make this information available.

We encourage you to consider making a donation to NOFA/Mass, which organizes the NOFA Summer Conference and published this audio, for the value that you receive from these MP3 Recordings. You can make this donation by visiting our donate page.

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You can browse our conference files by category, level, and year. Please use this resource for educational purposes and tell your friends about it. 

To listen click on the file. To download right click (mac - command click) and select "save link as"

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