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2020 Winter Conference Intensives

NOFA Winter Workshop Intensive

Ricky Baruch and Deb HabibFarming in the Balance

Ricky Baruch and Deb Habib, Seeds of Solidarity

Most farmers hear the term ‘you must be really busy’ numerous times from well-meaning customers or strangers. Is this a promising image to perpetuate, let alone live? Reverence for the land is a unifying value among small farmers, but practices that promote a sacred connection to soil, self, and relationships can get pushed to the back burner amid financial and weather stresses, and the issues of the times. How do we keep our core farming values forefront and fresh, and stay personally centered as we nourish our customers and communities well? Loving, healthy relationships are critical to self-care, resilience, and success. Leading with the heart helps to decolonize our minds and resulting farming practices. As we do so, our awareness towards loving, sacred ways of farming and being expands, and capacity to be changemakers in our lives and communities increases. .

In this full-day intensive during winter--a great time to recalibrate--we invite participants to a well-spent day that will enhance their relationships with self, partner, family, community, and farming practice. We will learn techniques to prioritize values and quality of life, practices to honor the land, and wellbeing strategies that are both do-able and essential to sustain a balanced farming livelihood and be of service over the long haul.

Ricky Baruch and Deb Habib are three decade plus farmers and educators. They run Seeds of Solidarity in Orange MA. Their solar-powered family farm uses all no-till, regenerative methods. The non-profit wing innovates programs that awaken the power among people of all ages--from toddlers to teens to people who are incarcerated-- to Grow Food Everywhere to transform hunger to health, and create resilient lives and communities. They are co-founders of the North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival that they organize with their neighbors. Ricky and Deb are authors of the new book, Making Love While Farming: A Field Guide to a Life of Passion and Purpose. Levellers Press, 2019

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