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Apprenticeship Listing

Completing this form will provide the information needed to list your farm job in the NOFA/Massachusetts Internship Directory, the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project printed directory and online map, and the Beginning Farmer Network website. Our goal is to create an extensive resource with up-to-date listings, providing interested candidates the opportunity to explore the many farm employment options in Massachusetts.

Note, if the position is for a manager, or other full or part-time work that does not have an educational component to employment, it should be listed in the jobs section of the classifieds.

I understand that this form will be shared with NOFA/Mass and New Entry Sustainable Farming Project to promote the position described through their websites and printed materials. The position will be listed for one year. If the position is filled, please contact to indicate this on the listing. We recommend leaving the listing posted as it advertizes the job to potential candidates for future years, but can remove/update the listing at any time upon request.

To submit a listing you need to be a member of NOFA/Mass.  The cost for non-members is $35 for the listing and can be paid with Paypal by clicking the button to the right before filling out the form.  Information on joining NOFA/Mass.

Internship Description. Please limit to 500 words and include any deadline, if any. Include a link to your website and/or additional information.
Eg: CRAFT, on farm learning, one-on-one work with the farmer, education stipend, work days on other area farms

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