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CSA Listings in Massachusetts

Community Supported Agriculture is a way for people living apart from a farm to have an on-farm experience. Members of a CSA buy shares in a farm, and receive a certain amount of fresh, locally grown food every week. At some farms each share member is asked to work on the farm; at others the work requirement is optional or nonexistent. In any case, share members not only get organically grown produce from NOFA farmers, but support organic farmers by assuring them of a certain level of income for the year. To find a farm with CSA offerings near you, please visit The Organic Food Guide, our online resource for local organic and sustainable food and products.

If you have a CSA, it is free to list at The Organic Food Guide. Please follow this link and fill out the short questionnaire about your farm and farm products. You may also send pictures and/or farm logo. For more information, email the OFG Coordinator,

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