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Growing Organically Since 1982

Organic Information Resources

NOFA/Mass Organic Livestock Resource Guide

Raising Organic Livestock in Maine: MOFGA Accepted Health Practices, Products and Ingredients

The NOFA Interstate Council created the Organic Dairy Production Manual, written by Sarah Flack, which can be bought online here.

Dairy and Livestock Resources from NOFA-VT

Transitioning to Organic Dairy: Self Assessment Workbook

ATTRA, The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, created and managed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), provides information and technical assistance. Specific information on dairy production can be found at, and information on value added production is at

ACRES USA offers many books and tapes on herd health, soil fertility, and organic dairy farming.

The Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (NODPA) offers articles and information about organic dairying. You can also register for the online discussion group, Odairy, or subscribe for the NODPA newsletter.

Organic Farming Compliance Handbook

Organic System Plan from Rodale

Organic Production and Organic Food: Information Access Tools

Organic Farming Research Foundation

National Organic Program

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