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Other helpful organizations and books


The New England Small Farm Institute

The Vermont Pasture Network Program

Growing New Farmers: A Community of Northeast New Farmers and Service Providers

Eat Wild: The Clearinghouse For Information About Pasture-Based Farming

The Cornucopia Institute Dairy Report and Scorecard

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Bureau of Dairying


Organic Dairy Farming, The Organic Livestock Handbook, and other books are available at

Organic Livestock Workbook from ATTRA.

Many excellent resources are available from Acres USA , including:

  • Treating Dairy Cows Naturally, by Dr. Hubert J. Karreman, VMD
  • Alternative Treatments for Ruminant Animals, by Dr. Paul Dettloff, DVM
  • Greener Pastures on Your Side of the Fence: Better Farming with Voisin Grazing Management, by Bill Murphy;
  • Homeopathy for the Herd, by Dr. C. Edgar Shaeffer, VMD
  • Eco-Farm An Acres USA Primer, by Charles Walters


A New Troubleshooters Guide to Dairy Cows

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