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Our 2019 Keynote Speaker

John Kempf sketchJohn Kempf is a farmer and the founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture (a plant nutrition consulting company based in Ohio) and is the creator and host of the Regenerative Agriculture Podcast.

As a farmer who grew up in and remains a part of the Amish community, John has a very special understanding of the connection between community, crops and soil.

When his crops stopped responding to conventional pesticide treatments, he sought out alternative approaches to prevent damage to his crops, including trace mineral amendment, careful nutrient balancing, microbial inoculation, and other approaches based on emerging soil and crop sciences.

John founded AEA to share his experiences and insights that healthy crops do not require chemical treatments or genetic modifications. John lectures internationally and is considered a leading expert in the field of regenerative farming.

In his keynote address, John will elaborate on how the health of plant/soil ecosystems impact the health of those who eat the resulting crops. When soils and plants have balanced mineral fertility and diverse, flourishing soil microbiology, crops develop higher-functioning plant immune systems. These plants better fight off pest and disease pressures, meaning less intervention by the farmer and better yields at harvest time.

The produce, too, is higher in concentrations of health-giving nutrients and immune-supporting bio-active compounds. John will describe the basic principles of optimizing the soil-plant health dynamic, and how it supports both the profitability of the farmer and the health and well-being of their customers.

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