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Please join us for a pasture management workshop series led by UMass Extension professor and soil science expert Dr. Masoud Hashemi!

Soil Fertility and Grazing Management

Saturday, April 9th (1-3:30pm)

5 Doe Valley Road in Petersham, MA

Well-managed pastures contribute significantly to the sustainability of animal operations and the environment’s quality. However, pasture management begins with the assessment of soil fertility. Testing soil is crucial to greener pastures and is considered the first step in pasture management. A meaningful soil test provides important baseline information and also guidelines for efficient use of lime, fertilizer, manure, and compost.

The first session on Saturday, April 9th will focus on assessing soil fertility and grazing management – the manipulation of grazing animals and pasture plants to reach a desired result. Participants will learn how to take soil samples for meaningful results, read the soil test results provided by the testing lab, and interpret the results. Additionally, Dr. Hashemi will cover key topics such as pasture resting period and frequency of animal rotation.

“Sacrifice” Lots, Reseeding and Overseeding

Saturday, April 23rd (1-3pm)

Red Apple Farm in Phillipston, MA

The second session on Saturday, April 23rd will touch on “sacrifice” lots, reseeding and overseeding. Sacrifice area is a major component in pasture management. Participants will learn about the appropriate size and several options of footing materials for sacrifice lots. In the reseeding part, participants will learn about the time, species selection, and early management for successful pasture establishment.

Dr. Masoud Hashemi is an Extension Professor and a soil health specialist at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is the Team Leader for the Crops, Dairy, Livestock, and Equine program of UMass Extension. Dr. Hashemi, a graduate of UMass (1990), has more than 30 years of field experience in agronomy, nutrient management, and soil health. His research is primarily focused on sustainability of farming systems through diversified cropping systems. He is specifically interested in pasture management, extending grazing season, and minimizing the impact of animal operations on the environment. Dr. Hashemi teaches pasture management online in the spring.

Both sessions will include a 20–30-minute outdoor activity, so please dress appropriately for the weather. These workshops are free and open to the public. The ideal audience is landowners who own pastureland and/or hay fields.

Advanced registration is required, as space is limited. You will receive a confirmation email after RSVPing with driving directions.


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