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Calling all green energy pioneers!

Interest in biogas is growing. Full implementation of small-scale biogas in Massachusetts could lead to a 10% reduction in our carbon emissions.  We are eager to collaborate with wise green energy and regenerative agriculture leaders in Western MA and surrounding regions to guide the development of this initiative.

Join us Monday, July 11th from 6:30-8:00 for a virtual convening. Register now.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Northeast Biogas Initiative (NBI) background information including progress and goals.
  • Details on your opportunity to join the NBI Advisory Council.
  • A brainstorming jam to get everyone’s input for guiding the future of NBI related to the following objectives:
  1. Kickstart the manufacture of cold-hardy biodigester systems in our bioregion;
  2. Research benefits of fertilizer effluent to soil biome;
  3. Gas purification, compression and storage; and
  4. Develop zoning laws and coding regulations that support the development of small-scale biogas.

Register here to RSVP and express your interest in joining the biogas movement!

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