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Are you wondering if a raised bed garden is the right choice for you? Join us for another event from our Resilient Garden SeriesRaised beds/containers are a boon to anyone who can’t (or won’t) get down on the ground and can be placed anywhere, regardless of soil quality (or no soil at all) below the bed. However, a lot of raised beds don’t thrive and/or produce after their first year. There are “tricks” and specific information that you can use to make your raised beds and containers successfully produce great food wherever you have enough sunlight. ML Altobellian experienced gardener, landscaper and educator, will present how siting, water sources, carbon managementsoil drenches and foliar sprays can all affect your results.  During this event we will learn: 

  • What size raised bed to build and discuss site considerations 
  • Why incorporating organic matter makes a big difference 
  • Specific gardening practices to remember when using raised beds 



ML Altobelli is the owner of M.L’s Greenery in Motion and Woody End Farm, has 38 years of experience working in gardens of all kinds, including many, many raised beds.  Her farm has hugelkulture beds and other raised beds (due to very poorquality base soil) and many of her clients have large containers of all kinds that are managed through until hard frost.   




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Contact Doug@nofamass.org with any questions. 


This online series is offered as a service to our community to respond to the current needs for home-based food production skills. As we have postponed or cancelled many of our on-farm and in-person education events, we are using our available time as an organization to put together this series. If you learned something of value, please consider making a donation to help keep our organization going during this difficult time. https://www.nofamass.org/donate. Thank you so much. 

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