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Building Long-Term Soil Health On The Farm

Dorn checking the soil profile for signs of compaction
November 29, 2016 - 1:30pm to 4:00pm
Mehaffey Farm
179 Newbury Road
Rowley, MA

NOFA Member - $25 Non-member - $30 (add $5 for walk-in)

Doing right by your soil can be a substantial challenge on a small-acre intensive vegetable farm. The need for multiple successions, clean seedbeds, and high fertility often means that farmers rely on aggressive tillage and costly inputs that burn organic matter, release carbon, and obliterate the soil food web.

View of Mehaffey FarmMehaffey Farm, a multi-generational diversified CSA farm, has come up with some unique strategies for reducing their need for imported inputs while also improving fertility and soil quality. In this workshop we’ll tour the farm with an eye toward soil care practices and carbon-reducing technologies, such as their heirloom wheat/clover trial beds, compost-heated hoop houses, and a large composting system that utilizes community waste products to create a high-end compost amendment.

Dorn Cox, farmer, soil researcher, inventor and executive director of GreenStart, will then discuss soil health testing and management planning. He uses intensive cover cropping, minimal and no-till strategies, as well as innovative agricultural equipment and other practical tools to improve soil productivity while reducing fertilizer, water, and energy inputs.

This workshop is intended for all farmers working to close the nutrient cycle on their farm and bring their soils and crops to the next level of nutrition, taste, and sustainability.

About the Instructor:
Dorn Cox, PhD is the Executive Director of GreenStart and research coordinator for Wolfe's Neck Farm, founding member of Farm Hack, and a farmer working his 250-acre family farm in Lee, New Hampshire. He is a co-founder of the FarmOS software platform and has been an active in the national soil health movement and sharing agricultural systems for increased carbon capture.

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