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Cultivate A Healthy Microbiome

June 13, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
The Bay Area Neighborhood Resident Resource Center
437 Bay St.
Springfield, MA

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Most people know that the digestive tract contains billions of helpful gut bacteria, but how does the gut microbiome affect our health? What impacts might they have on gut health, metabolism, immunity, or even mood and brain function? Also, how does our relationship with the natural environment and our agricultural practices influence the health of our gut microbes? Join author and licensed nutritionist Ana Maria Moise, MS, CNS, LDN to learn how the modern diet and food system are changing gut microbes and what we can do to feed these beneficial organisms to restore the gut and optimize health.

5:45pm- Registration
6:00pm - Welcome
6:15pm - Ana Maria Moise helps enlighten us on the principles and practice of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome.
8:00pm - Wrap Up

 The Gut Microbiome by Ana Maria Moise
Ana Maria Moise is a clinical nutritionist with expertise in functional foods as preventative and therapeutic medicine. She counsels patients on dietary strategies for treating gastrointestinal disorders, eating disorders, metabolic disorders, heart disease, autoimmune conditions, and other chronic illnesses.

She is the author of The Gut Microbiome: Exploring the Connection between Microbes, Diet and Health, published in 2017.  She is committed to translating current medical research, making it more accessible to the general public. She leads workshops on nutrition and gastrointestinal health, plant-based diets, and a mindful eating approach to weight management.

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