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Getting Started with Preserves: Quick Pickles and Refrigerator Jams

Quick Pickles in Brine
June 5, 2020 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Anywhere, MA

Free! Donations accepted with gratitude

Summer has finally arrived and with it, a bounty of fresh produce! To extend the life of fresh vegetables and fruit, transform them into easy quick pickles and refrigerator jams. In this webinar Afton Cyrus will demonstrate how to make quick-pickled vegetables with a flexible, all-purpose brine, and how to make an easy, small-batch refrigerator jam adaptable to whatever fruit you have on hand all summer long. Afton will discuss the different methods of preserving fruits and vegetables, do's and don'ts for preserving safely at home, and how to customize recipes to incorporate your favorite flavors. Afton will demonstrate and discuss: 

  • Different methods of preserving 
  • Quick pickles and how brine flavors can be adapted 
  • Making jam, different ways to thicken/set jam and how to adapt to different kinds of fruit
  • Questions and Answers 

Jam Sessions

  Afton Cyrus is the owner of Jam Sessions in Arlington, MA and Senior Editor at America's Test Kitchen



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These Video Gatherings are offered as a service to our community to respond to the current needs for home-based food production/ preparation skills. As we have postponed or cancelled many of our on-farm and in-person education events, we are using our available time as an organization to put together this series. If you learned something of value, please consider making a donation to help keep our organization going during this difficult time. Thank you so much! 

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