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Growing Specialty Mushrooms at Home

May 11, 2019 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Brooks Bend Farm
119 Old Sunderland Rd.
Montague, MA

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Growing mushrooms is a great way to diversify the food production systems on your farm or garden. While fresh specialty mushrooms can cost nearly twenty dollars per pound at the store, many mushroom varieties can actually be grown in a way that integrates into your landscape while using minimal tools and inputs-- and even produces a desirable by-product for gardeners in the form of fungal mulch!  In this two-hour, beginner-friendly workshop, you will learn the basics of how to grow mushrooms at home.

We will discuss basic information around specialty mushrooms, and Willie will demonstrate each step involved in growing two varieties of specialty mushrooms: shiitake and wine caps. Shiitake logs are an easy and productive way to cultivate mushrooms in your backyard with simple tools and resources. Wine caps establish quickly in most garden, yard, or orchard settings and contribute to the soil health where they grow. They are quite simple to get established, spread quickly and prolifically given the right conditions, and can persist for many seasons.
Willie Crosby is the founder of Fungi Ally. He has five years of experience as a professional mushroom grower and practices both indoor and and outdoor cultivation. He has taught classes at Umass Amherst and Cornell and offers workshops around mushroom cultivation and consumption year-round.

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