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Growing Worms for Greener Gardens, Living Soil & Healthy Climate (Resiliency Skills Webinar Series)

May 15, 2020 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Anywhere, MA

Free! Donations accepted with gratitude

Make a worm bin: microbial alchemy in a bucket! Whether you live on plenty of land or in a small apartment, you can partner with red wrigglers to turn organic waste into a potent fertilizer and bio-inoculant. Come spend an hour with worm enthusiasts (& NOFA/Mass staff members) Jason Valcourt and Marty Dagoberto, who will share their own vermicomposting systems and discuss: 

  • Bin design and how to create one from easy-to-find materials 

  • What to feed them & how to supply needed grit  

  • What to use for their bedding 

  • Care & maintenance of their environment (moisture, temperature, acidity, population size) 

  • How to isolate and remove castings  

Marty teaching about his worm system
Marty explaining his worm bin system at a local festival

In their conversation, Marty and Jason will also touch on the history of worms, how to identify worm eggs, where to get worms, how and why to use the castings, the role of worms in creating healthy soils and combatting climate change, and more!  

Join us and discover the joy of keeping hundreds of wriggly pets and farming worm poo for your garden.  

Marty Dagoberto: NOFA/Mass Policy Director, advocate for healthy soils, pollinators, food justice and a healthier environment. Home gardener & passionate worm farmer  

Jason Valcourt: NOFA/Mass Conferences Coordinator, musician, market gardener & proud keeper of worms

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These Video Gatherings are offered as a service to our community to respond to the current needs for home-based food production/ preparation skills. As we have postponed or cancelled many of our on-farm and in-person education events, we are using our available time as an organization to put together this series. If you learned something of value, please consider making a donation to help keep our organization going during this difficult time. Thank you so much! 

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