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Landscape Heroes: Carbon, Water, and Biodiversity

January 31, 2017 - 8:00am to 5:00pm
UMass Amherst Campus Center
Amherst, MA

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Join us for an in-depth, inspiring conversation on carbon sequestration and learn what practical steps you can take to make a positive impact in your interactions with the landscape. From yards to farms to greenways to commons to gardens, how we treat our soils impacts the climate.

During this day-long program we will learn from many land care practitioners, including land managers, farmers, researchers and conservationists,  what practices can return carbon to our soils and restore our landscapes.  

Soil is alive. In fact, in one tablespoon of healthy soil there are more microorganisms than there are people on this planet. A highly functional, thriving soil has the capacity to store carbon, absorb water like a sponge and support a thriving landscape. For years we have viewed soil through its physical and chemical properties, yet now we are beginning to realize the crucial role of biology in soil function and health.

Come learn from experts in the field such as carbon expert, rancher, activist and author of  Two Percent Solutions for the Planet, Courtney White. Other speakers include Eric Fleisher and the organic landcare team at Harvard University, Bruce Fulford of City Soil in Boston, Eric Toensmeier author of The Carbon Farming Solution, certified arborist and nursery professional Paul Wagner, Next Char’s Hugh McLaughlin, farmer and innovator Bryan O’Hara, and expert in natural turf management Chip Osborne.

Whether you are a gardening enthusiast, farmer, conservation/restoration specialist or landscape professional, there are positive changes that you can make. Whether it be reducing compaction using biology, actively building soil carbon, increasing biodiversity and resilience above and below ground, or healing degraded landscapes, you will walk away with practical tips to apply to your own setting. It is the synergy of many individuals taking small steps that will result in big impacts.

Small Steps - Big Impacts

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