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Pasture Management and Silvopasture at Square Roots Farm

Grazing Fallow Fields
June 18, 2020 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Anywhere, MA

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Join NOFA/Mass and Michael Gallagher of Square Roots Farm to explore his intensively managed livestock systems. By rotating dense herds through temporary paddocks within a pasture, livestock will eat a variety of forage, are more robust, and can sequester considerable amounts of carbon in the soil. 

Square Roots Farm comprises about 185 acres of hilly fields and forest in Lanesborough, Massachusetts. They raise 1000 laying hens, 4000 meat birds, 30 cattle , 12-24 pigs, turkeys and a diversity of vegetables for their CSA customers and market. 

Michael will answer questions about his farm and we will:

  • Learn about the fencing and shelters they use to keep their flocks and herds moving over the landscape
  • Learn about grazing density and practices that provide superior nourishment for their animals while building nutrient rich and microbially diverse soil.  
  • Hear Connor Stedman explain the principles and practices of further developing pastures into silvopasture systems through functional tree planting here in New England.  
  • Use Square Roots Farm to provide context in a discussion about specific practices and tree species that can add additional value to a diversified grazing system.

Michael Gallagher a Berkshire County native, grew up in Cheshire and got his first taste of farming while baling hay over the summer in high school.  After graduating from Williams College and teaching math for a couple of years in the Mississippi delta with the Mississippi Teacher Corps, he turned his attention to agriculture. He spent two years apprenticing on diversified, organic farms in New York and Vermont, before returning to the Berkshires to start Square Roots Farm. 

Connor Stedman is an ecological designer, farm business planner, and educator based in Hatfield, MA.  As principal at AppleSeed Permaculture, he works with farm businesses and organizations around the Northeast seeking to adopt industry-leading climate mitigating practices, with a speciality in agroforestry enterprises and diversified annual/perennial operations.  He is an instructor in UVMs innovative Leadership for Sustainability program and holds an M.S. in Ecological Planning from UVM.

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