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Rotational Grazing at Sky View Farm: Meat CSA and Small-Scale Dairy

Sky View Farm Chicken Tractor
May 17, 2020 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Sky View Farm
203 Galvin Farm Trail
Sheffield, MA

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Are you looking to improve your pasture management and learn more about rotational grazing?  Join us at Sky View Farm for a tour and discussion of how rotational grazing provides their livestock with healthy forage while minimizing inputs and improving soil health. Rotational grazing is a system that mimics the ecology of natural grasslands. By rotating densely stocked herds through fenced-off portions of your pastures, your cattle will eat a variety of forage, gain more weight faster, and sequester considerable amounts of carbon in the soil. 

Sky View Farm comprises 50 acres of hilly fields and forest in the town of Sheffield, Massachusetts. The land has been in the Conklin family for more than 100 years. Owners Will and Amelia Conklin have been working since 2012 to reclaim pastures that were part of the Conklin family dairy farm that closed in 1986. They raise poultry, cows, and pigs year-round in order to provide meat for their CSA program and local restaurants. Milking 1-3 cows, they opened a small dairy in the spring of 2019, bottling raw milk for direct sale to customers. Sky View Farm is also home to a small-scale sawmill operation that provides local building materials for carpentry projects, garden beds, fencing, and furniture.

During this event attendees will walk the pastures with Will and Amelia, and along the way we will stop to speak about fencing systems, stocking density, and grazing plans.  We will conclude with a visit to the recently added small-scale dairy.
2:00pm Welcome and Introductions
2:20 pm Field Walk
4:00pm Visit the Dairy
5:00pm Wrap Up

Amelia Conklin realized her love for the small-town farming life while serving in the agricultural sector of the Peace Corps in Paraguay. Upon completion of the program she moved back to her hometown in Sheffield to work on her family's farm. She branched out on her own in 2012 with a cow but no land. Shortly after she met Will who had land but no cows. The newest version of Sky View Farm was born. 

Will Conklin always felt drawn to stewarding his grandfather's land, and returned after many years of working, studying, and traveling elsewhere. In 2007 he committed to being full-time and officially inherited the land from his father.

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