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Understanding The Water Cycle for Soil, Climate & Life

May 12, 2018 - 10:30am to 4:30pm
Immanuel Lutheran Church
867 N Pleasant St
Amherst, MA

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Co-hosted by NOFA/Mass & The Bionutrient Food Association

As members of NOFA/Mass and the Bionutrient Food Association know, the regeneration of soil ecosystems (and the plant communities with which they are interdependent) is critical to the sequestration of carbon, the mitigation of climate change and the future of life on earth.

But there is a vital part of the story of soil regeneration and global climate mitigation that hasn’t been as well covered as the carbon cycle - and that is the global water cycle. Australian soil microbiologist Walter Jehne is currently touring the United States explaining how biology controls the water cycle, and how the water cycle regulates the planet’s heating and cooling processes. On May 12, he will stop in Amherst to spend a day with the NOFA/Mass and BFA community. 

Designed for farmers, land managers, and students of natural resource conservation, environmental science, and sustainable farming and food systems, this program will provide a deep look at the intersection of soil regeneration practices and the restoration of hydrological processes. Participants will gain insight and inspiration toward practices they can apply to their own farms and gardens, as well as a larger context of theory that integrates our knowledge of the water cycle and its role in regulating global temperature with current efforts toward conservation and regeneration of living soils.

In this day-long intensive workshop, Jehne will take participants back to the beginning of life on earth and explain how soil evolved from inert minerals. He will describe the ways in which soil and plant ecosystems coevolved to regulate and control the water cycle, creating the weather upon which life on earth depends-- and in turn, impacting temperature and energy systems.

Walter Jehne is an internationally-recognized Australian climate scientist and soil microbiologist and founder of Healthy Soils Australia. Jehne was one of the early researchers on glomalin, myccorrhizal fungi, and root ecology, and has been a leader in the grassroots movement to educate farmers, policymakers, and industry alike on the crucial role of soil ecosystems in global climate change. He has since been working at the national (CSIRO - Australia’s scientific research organization) and international level (UN) to create global change in food systems and climate response.

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