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Upcoming Public Hearing on multiple pesticide bills

Be heard on pesticides! Come to the public hearing on Nov. 12
November 12, 2019 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Massachusetts State House, Room A-2 24
Beacon St.
Boston, MA


Calling all proponents of a more organic Massachusetts! At a time of insect population collapse, declining bird populations and rising rates of pesticide-related chronic illness, we know that we must address the pervasive use of systemic and toxic pesticides in our school yards, our farm fields and our communities. November 12th 2019 could be a big day for the movement to reduce pesticide use in Massachusetts. Will you help make it so?

Several pieces of pesticide-related legislation on NOFA/Mass’s priorities list will receive a public hearing on the same day at the Mass. State House (Boston). This hearing provides a rare opportunity to educate lawmakers and to demonstrate the depth of statewide support for action on pesticides. Creating a high volume of activity - testimony, hearing attendance and general buzz -  increases the perceived importance of a given bill/issue, and thus its likelihood of passing!

Please consider joining us at the public hearing  - not everyone will be expected or able to speak  - and help us send a strong message to legislators. It's time to take action to stop pesticides!

*If you plan to attend, plan on arriving to the State House by 12:30pm at the latest to provide for time to get through security and to find the hearing room. Ending time of the hearing is up to the committee chairs. They may decide to hear every public comment of everyone waiting, or decide to cut it off if there are too many and if testimonies are too repetitive.

Please click here for more info and updates, including bill details, how to get the hearing, and more. 

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