NOFA/Mass Internship Opportunities

Two women stand under a tent signing papersNOFA/Mass has a number of internship opportunities in our education, communications and policy departments that are ideal for college and graduate students. As a small, grassroots and remote education organization, interns can work from home while being included in a remote team environment, gaining insight into non-profit organization work while also contributing meaningfully to our work on behalf of organic farmers, healthy food systems and biodiverse ecosystems.

Current Unpaid Internship Opportunities: 

Video Editing & Outreach Internship

Communications Project. Work with our Conference team, Communications Team, and Events Coordinator to review and edit YouTube videos for publishing on our YouTube channel. Help create a vibrant and engaging educational video feed. Tasks include: editing raw videos to optimize video content as well as creating curated clips and shorter versions of longer videos; updating links in descriptions; investigating and adding tags, timestamps and other features to help viewers find our videos and navigate them.

Questions about this internship project? Contact Communications Director Christy Bassett at

Conferences Internship 

Conference Assistant. Work with Conference Coordinator to prepare NOFA Summer and Winter Conference planning details to assist conference staff in publicity preparation, outreach phone calls, and assist in data exchange between conference staff. Provide on-site presenter and workshop support during Conferences as needed. 

Questions about this internship project? Contact Conference Coordinator Jason Valcourt at

Journalism Internship 

Communications Project. Work with our Communications Director to identify and write interesting stories about NOFA/Mass’s work and the regional food and farming system for our e-newsletter. Conduct interviews with farmers about their farming practices, tag along on soil health assessments, and/or visit our Food Access team in Springfield, MA. Review historical NOFA/Mass newsletter articles, photos and other media for archiving and/or redistribution. 

Questions about this internship project? Contact Communications Director Christy Bassett at

Current Paid Internship Opportunities:

None available at this time

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