The Healthy Future Fund to honor the legacy of Julie Rawson

After 36 years as the Executive Director of NOFA/Mass, Julie Rawson will be retiring on August 31, 2020.  Julie has been the guiding light and catalyst to our efficacy as an organization for almost as long as our state chapter has been in existence.

To honor her legacy, The Healthy Future Fund has been set up with a fundraising goal of $100,000.  Meeting this goal will ensure that NOFA/Mass can continue to deliver the impassioned education that our membership has been accustomed to receiving.

A note from Julie:

People have asked what I want my legacy to be in NOFA/Mass. What I really want is for this wonderful collection of grassroots individuals to continue to reflect on, learn about and fearlessly advocate for behaviors and systems of working with soil, animals, plants, microbes and each other that will most support a world where humankind stops trying to dominate nature, and instead prioritizes learning from and partnering with nature for the health and well-being of all life on the planet.  

Can you make a special donation to help secure the future of NOFA/Mass?

Money raised for the Healthy Future Fund will go towards:

  • Salary to cover overlap time with the new Executive Director

  • A new home office and storage

  • Ensuring NOFA/Mass can continue to operate in these particularly uncertain times until there is a new normal

$27,985 of $100,000 goal raised – thank you!

When asked what type of image Julie would like as the icon for her legacy fund, Julie replied “They are wonderful gregarious individuals and they are native to the Americas, and I love them dearly here on the farm.”