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High Tunnels Resources for Organic Growers

A NOFA/Mass project funded by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
High TunnelDuring the course of a three-year period, six experienced organic farmers offered mentorship, conference workshops and on-farm workshops to a wide range of participants regarding their high tunnel management strategies. 
NOFA/Mass Technical Advisor Allison Houghton visited each farm and collaborated with the farmers to write six fact sheets about the innovations that these growers are implementing in their season extension and high tunnels practices. Practices include building a new greenhouse with an energy-efficient climate battery heat exchange system, using radiant heater panels designed for pools to create a durable, low-cost heated bench system for accelerated and higher-quality seedling production, mixing perennials and multiple stories of crops production in a greenhouse, high tunnel trace remineralization and more. 
You can read the PDF versions of these fact sheets on this page, or visit the NOFA/Mass Information Table at area events, our Conferences and some Education Events where you can get your own paper copies! 
High Tunnels Facts Sheets

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