Next Steps for your NOFA/Mass Soil Health Technical Assistance Request

Thank you for submitting your request and payment for NOFA/Mass Soil Health Technical Assistance. See below for next steps, depending on which service(s) you have requested.

Soil Test Analysis and Recommendation

A man places a scoop of soil into a zip lock bag held by a woman

Apolo Catala, right, places a sample of OASIS on Ballou’s garden soil into a bag for testing.

Option 1: Take a soil sample yourself, submit it to Logan Labs and have NOFA/Mass analyze it for you. ($55 per sample test.)

Next Steps:

  1. Download this worksheet to complete and submit to Logan Labs along with your soil sample(s).
  2. Take your soil sample(s) according to these instructions from Logan Labs.
  3. Submit your soil sample along with your completed worksheet to Logan Labs at the address on the form.

Option 2: Submit your existing soil test results to NOFA/Mass for analysis. ($25 per sample test.)

Next Steps:

  1. If you submitted your soil test results from Logan Labs along with your request and payment, you can expect to hear back from a member of our soil tech team within the next two weeks with your custom soil test analysis.
  2. If you did not submit your soil test along with your request and payment, please email with your test results as soon as you are ready for them to be reviewed.
  3. Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.

What then?

  1. Seven to ten days after Logan Labs receives your soil sample(s), Logan Labs will email your soil test results to NOFA/Mass and the email address you provided on the worksheet.
  2. Once these results are received, NOFA/Mass will prepare a custom analysis and soil amendment recommendation for your growing space.
    • Tip: You can alert NOFA/Mass as to what soil amendments you may already have on hand. This will help us to direct you in the best use of your current supply. Sharing the size of your growing area in square feet or acres with NOFA/Mass is also very helpful when we are creating custom recommendations! Email with any additional information that you’d like to share with our soil tech team.
  3. Custom soil test analyses and recommendations should be available within two weeks of NOFA/Mass receiving your test results. Please understand that delays can be more common between September and January each year. Reach out to with any questions or concerns.

Other Soil Health Technical Assistance Services

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