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As the changing seasons conduct the activity of growers across the United States, the low hum of machines running on biofuel, the calls and cackles of chickens, and the occasional donkey song can be heard emanating from the south facing hillsides of Vermont Compost Company in Montpelier, Vermont. Karl Hammer started operations on this land in the capital city after decades spent in the fields, learning from elders and landcrafters, using their traditional wisdoms to fuel new innovations.

Karl began farming full time in his youth, and his passion for connecting culture back to its roots in the soil has aged into a dedicated team of people running a company focused on making products aimed to support the efforts of professional growers. Everything from material sourcing to daily operations have been refined down to a sort of alchemy where science, lab testing, customer feedback, and intuition are combined to create soil media that is reliable, productive, and ethically produced.

Volunteers help to unload a delivery truck at the NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order

Volunteers help to unload a delivery truck at the NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order

As of January 1st, the 2019 NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order is officially open for business.  The Bulk Order team has been working diligently to bring you a great selection of farming and gardening supplies for your growing season; we have potting soil, cover crop seeds, soil amendments, packing supplies, tools, tubers, onion sets, and more.  Here are some particularly exciting things about the 2019 NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order:

bulk order bags

Save money on shipping while also supporting your local NOFA chapter.

2019 is right around the corner, which means it’s almost time for the NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order.  The Bulk Order opens for business for on January 1st – participants will have 1 month to place their orders; the deadline is January 31.  Orders can be placed online at (which goes live on New Year’s Day) or via print-out pdf (available at 

We’ve been working diligently for the last few months, trying to figure out ways to increase efficiency, streamline the entire Bulk Order and, consequently, save you money, and I believe we have a great plan in place for 2019.

Bulk order

With chilly nights, crisp days, and a frost already here, fall has firmly landed. As we busy ourselves wrapping up this season’s work and harvests, it’s also time to start planning for next year. With next season’s promises whirling in our heads, let me introduce myself as the new Bulk Order Coordinator.

The NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order, of course, is a long-standing NOFA/Mass tradition, established in 1985 to serve farmers, homesteaders, and gardeners across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. NOFA/Mass works directly with a number of suppliers to offer a selection of cover crop seed, hand tools, livestock supplies, seed potatoes, mineral amendments, onion sets, inoculants, packing supplies, and more at a lower price to customers, while also helping fund critical NOFA/Mass programs and activities, such as food access and soil carbon sequestration education. We have a diverse roster of suppliers involved – Progressive Grower, Earthcare Farm, Fertrell, Ideal Compost Co., North Country Organics, Vermont Compost Company, it’s a great list!

Unloading the bulk order in 2016

Unloading the bulk order in 2016

NOFA’s Bulk Order opens again on January 1st for the 33rd year in a row! Now the Tri-State Bulk Order, this annual tradition brings together farmers, homesteaders and gardeners across MA, RI and CT to take advantage of bulk prices and shipping costs on cover crop seed, hand tools, livestock supplies, seed potatoes, mineral amendments, onion sets, inoculants, packing supplies and more!

We have been working hard for the last several years to cut costs and lower prices on items, while still being able to use a portion of the proceeds from the Bulk Order to fund critical activities like food access, soil carbon sequestration education, and policy work on behalf of small farmers, organic consumers, and other important constituents like our native bees! Thank you in advance for supporting the NOFA Bulk Order and helping to fund your local NOFA Chapter.

Mark your calendars! The annual NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order will open for 2018 on January 1st. Participants will have one month to place their orders; the deadline is February 1st. orders can be placed via print-out pdf form (available on the NOFA/Mass website) or, which will go live on New Year’s Day.

We are excited this year to be returning to Northeast Massachusetts and to Rhode Island with new pickup sites at Alprilla Farm in Essex, MA and Earth Care Farm in Charlestown, RI. We hope that this new geographical distribution of pickup sites will shorten drives for many of our members.

2017 was a year of changes and challenges as we built and launched our new bulk order website and learned how best to utilize this new tool.

We had one new distribution site (Early Dawn Farm in Seekonk, MA) and a site (Waltham Fields Community Farm) which returned after a couple years off. Both sites – along with all of our returning bulk order distribution sites – went very smoothly thanks to our team of well-organized site coordinators!

The Bulk Order will open again on the first of the year for another round of bulk-priced, high-quality farm and garden supplies! As always, you will have one month to place your order (Jan 1 through February 1), with delivery taking placein March (most items) and April (tubers and allium sets).

The Bulk Order is a great way to save money on organically-certifiable farm and garden supplies, access items that may not be readily available in your area, and participate in a community-oriented, collective buying process. By participating in the NOFA Bulk Order, a part of your purchase goes to support the important education and advocacy work of your local NOFA chapter.

Bulk order coordinator Caro Roszell and Julie Rawson at 2016 site

Friends, we all need some good news right now. Happily, the Bulk Order is only getting better this year. We’ve made improvements to our popular custom cover crop cocktails, significantly reduced prices on most of our cover crop seeds, added more new products, and best of all—there will be no excel-based order form this year.

Announcing the New Bulk Order Website

Starting January 1, you will be able to place your order entirely online, using an online shopping cart. The process will be much like any other ‘e-commerce’ site like Johnny’s Selected Seeds (with less snazz, we are, after all, still a small non-profit). You will be able to read product descriptions online, search by categories and keywords, fill a shopping cart, close the browser, come back later and finish your order. You can pay by credit card, or, you can still place your order and then mail us a check!

Mineral blend distributed at Gardeners Gathering

Growing food in the city has many advantages. Concrete and buildings create a warm microclimate, allowing a longer season than for rural growers. Pest and disease pressure may also be lower, due to lower populations of wildlife and the absence of monoculture. Irrigation isn’t an issue for most urban gardens, as water access points are numerous. And many cities offer free or low-cost compost. Cities seeking to be greener have, at many junctures, facilitated municipal composting operations and offered the product to community gardens.


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