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Photo by DenisenFamily, Creative Commons License

No need to rush out after the NOFA/Mass Winter Conference! Join us for our Fundraising Dinner right after the final workshop with excellent local organic food and a special address and Q & A with Gabe Brown.  All proceeds of the dinner go to our policy and education work.

The NOFA/Mass Winter Conference is a compact event.  We all need to hit the ground running if we are going to take advantage of the three workshop slots, the keynote address, the annual meeting, and obtaining everything we need from the food and supply vendors. 

It is not every year that a couple of lifetime members approach us with an offer like they have this year. Two dedicated donors, inspired by their belief that NOFA/Mass is relevant, cutting-edge, and critical for the future health of humans and the planet, have offered $10,000 of their own resources to match every donation that comes in to NOFA/Mass until January 31, 2018.

It goes like this: A donation of $20 becomes $40, a donation of $50 becomes $100. But, if someone gives at or above $100, their amount will not only be matched, but doubled. For example, a $100 donation brings in the original $100 plus an additional $200; thus, equaling a total of $300. And so forth. How blessed we are! Thank you to these generous individuals AND to each of you who stretches your finances to donate this year.  

The Organic to Heal the Planet Walk/Run in Lexington every November is NOFA/Mass's main annual fundraiser.  It's a day in which members, staff, and board get together to celebrate organic, hit the streets with our message, and share in an amazing potluck with –of course! – organic food! 


NOFA/Mass Run

Last years run team came in 1st and raised $21,000 to fund NOFA/ us make this years run just as great!

Support The Breadth and Depth of NOFA/Mass by supporting the Organic to Heal the Planet Run/Walk Fundraiser

It is hard to describe NOFA/Mass in just a couple of sentences. The breadth of our vision and mission reflects the expansiveness, diversity, and interconnectedness of our planet's ecosystem and the human family that is lucky enough to benefit from it.  How do you explain that in a sound bite? 

"You guys walk the walk," one NOFA/Mass member told us this spring when she sent her annual donation. "I am in love with NOFA. The whole organic world would be different without you."

On November 5, 2017, we will be walking (and running) the walk of the organic movement in Lexington, MA. The Organic To Heal the Planet Run is NOFA/Mass's yearly fundraiser and it makes our work possible! We need team members to run or to walk – please join us! Find out how to join the team here. Read more about it on our website:

Each year for the past five years, we’ve gathered together a team of runners, walkers, farmers, gardeners, homesteaders, sustainable living folks, eaters, and families for our annual NOFA/Mass Fundraising Walk/Run.

During the months leading up to November, team members reach out to their family and friends to ask for their support. All proceeds raised go to fund NOFA/Mass’s work.  On November 5, we gather together again, moving our bodies together, having awesome conversations, sharing in a delicious potluck, and connecting on the things we care about.  It is an event for all.  We welcome you to join us!

Cooler temps and sunny days beg us to get outside to enjoy the colors and all nature has to offer. Looking for a fun run/walk to pencil into your calendar? Our 4th Annual 5k run/walk “Organic to Nourish Our Soils and Ourselves” is only days away on Sunday, November 6 in Lexington. With your help, together we will create landscapes that restore our environment and feed our communities.

We are so close to reaching our goal of $25,000! You can still contribute whether or not you can make it to our 4th annual run/walk on November 6th!

On November 6th NOFA/Mass will be coming together for our largest fundraiser of the year, our 4th annual 5k run/walk - Organic to Nourish Our Soils and Ourselves. This event is a great way to join with NOFA/Mass board, staff and members to ensure the continuation of these innovative and important NOFA/Mass programs:

  • Restoring carbon to the soil from the atmosphere through organic land management practices
  • Training the next generation of organic farmers
  • Advocating  for public policy in the interest of farmers and consumers at the state and national levels
  • Strengthening connections with marginalized populations to improve their access to organic farming resources

Photo by Heylen. Available under a Creative Commons License.

We recently expanded our giving opportunities to include an option to donate monthly to NOFA/Mass. Monthly giving is a great way to help us sustain our programs all year long. A handful of faithful donors are already supporting us in this way. Enclosed is a letter from one such NOFA/Mass member.

The Boston Globe just launched the Globe Readers and Non-profits Together (GRANT) program. This week, the Globe mailed vouchers (like the one pictured) to all subscribers, that can be designated to any certified 501( c ) (3) non-profit (meaning organizations like the Northeast Organic Farming Association/Massachusetts Chapter, Inc.!).

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