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Tomatoes can be a profitable crop on a very small scale. From seed to stand, learn all you need to know about growing and selling tomatoes. We’ll cover variety selection, cultivation, fertility, homegrown pesticides from tobacco and mint, and setting up your stand.

A small garden is no impediment to fruit growing. Lowbush blueberries, currants, gooseberries, and super dwarf apples are among fruits that fit well into small gardens. I’ll present the fruits and techniques needed to reap delectable rewards from spaces as small as a balcony to as “large” as a small, suburban yard.

Most gardeners limit themselves to Memorial Day starts and Labor Day finishes. Learn how low-tech row coverings plus strategically timed seeding schedules, crop sequences, and fertility treatments can make your gardens almost as productive as the pros -- and nearly year-round.


Sparked by a request from a member gardener, we have started a NOFA/Mass Gardener's Forum. 

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