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Csa bounty

Mid-Summer CSA share from a Massachusetts Organic Farm

The term “CSA” has become a household expression for many local food lovers in recent years.  Community Supported Agriculture has been expanding consistently in North America since the 1980’s, with strong originating ties to Massachusetts farm “The CSA Garden” in Great Barrington.  It’s for good reason that growers and consumers have linked arms in this collaboration to bring locally produced food to eaters and much needed funding to farmers. 

Although I consider myself a homesteader, with a strong desire to grow as much of my own food as possible, I still need to supplement our family’s food supply, especially with vegetables.  If I can’t grow it myself, the next best thing is to purchase produce from a local farmer who knows how to reliably deliver nutrient-dense, organic food that will sustain us and is safe for the environment.  Our family has reserved a CSA share from several local farms over the past 7 years.  Each experience is different, but with every bag or box picked up on a farm comes a new memory.  Getting to know the farmers and what they value is one of my favorite parts.  Getting to know the food is the other.

Public concern is growing over a range of diseases such as autism, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, ADHD, ALS, and many others. The seminar, “When the Belly is the Beast: Dietary Interventions to Address Autism and Neuro-Degenerative Disease”, sponsored by NOFA/Mass, will present information indicating that these diseases share common underlying causes.

The 2015 Soil and Nutrition Conference is a two-day, farmer friendly event, with early bird pricing of $100 (BFA/NOFA Member) by December 1, 2014, and the opportunity to foster information sharing and camaraderie among attendees.

I will demonstrate the ecological benefits and healing abilities of invasive plants. Contrary to conventional thought, these prolific plants are actually serving essential environmental functions, while at the same time they are providing inhabitants with powerful healing remedies and nourishing foods.

Chris Masterjohn

Chris Masterjohn

NOFA/Mass is collaborating with the Marion Institute to offer a pre-conference seminar, “"Fat-Soluble Vitamins in Traditional Diets: Nutrient-Dense Animal Foods as the Keys to Vibrant Health," on October 24, from 9:00am to 5:00pm, ahead of the 9th annual Connecting for Change Conference.  The event will be held at the Ocean Explorium in New Bedford, MA.

Nutritious food from healthy soils and animals is truly medicinal. We should look to the farm to treat the health issues that plague modern Americans. Skyrocketing levels of disease are a result of our modern diet. Step by step changes toward the traditional foods of our ancestors is our only hope.

Homeopathic remedies are safe, gentle, non-toxic, & without side effects. They can help heal sunburns, garden strains, summer colds, bug bites, skin rashes, etc. The remedies help relieve pain and speed healing. Come learn the basics of homeopathy so you can choose this low-cost healing alternative.

I will detail how I learned how to choose health for myself and my family after becoming extremely ill. Learn how environmental toxins burden our immune systems and our planet and how we can learn the tools to fight back for our health!

Learn how a holistic approach to nutrition, honoring the ancient wisdoms of The Doctrine of Signatures and Food Energetics relates to what we eat, our motivations, energy, and fulfillment with life.

Liz Sheehan Castro was the Project Manager of the Hunger-Free & Healthy project (which ran from 2007-2012), and is currently the single paid staff of the Worcester Food & Active Living Policy Council. The council’s work is focused on urban agriculture policy. Ms Castro’s presentation focused on the Hunger-Free Healthy project as a case study of a project that used a food systems approach to address hunger as a public health issue.

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