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It sure is beginning to feel like autumn and my
homesteader brain (which I sometimes think is the
amygdala-basic survival brain) kicks into squirrel mode.
Gather and store, gather and store, is my mantra. Last
month I was flat out doing the preservation-shuffle,
which is a much “tamer” version of the squirrel,
putting up things I’ve grown and nurtured all summer.
The squirrel is the scavenger; why work all summer
when you can just gather and glean.
Photo credit: Sharon Gensler

Photo credit: Sharon Gensler

Over the last couple of years, my partner Pru and I have been thinkingand working on the topic of Aging In Place. Our homestead site is bettersuited to younger bodies and ours are getting older - who would have thought it! So, we have builta more easily accessible path to our house, which is nestled into the bottom of a hillside, and added a bedroom on themain floor. Making life easier with site improvements is one thing; changing homesteading life itself is another.

Today as I write to you, gazing out thewindow overlooking the garden, things are still rather bleak. Though spring is in the air, I know it will be quite a while until this view is filled with the bounty of my dreams. Gratefully we have been eating our stored supplies and there is still plenty in the root cellar and pantry, but my mouth waters for really fresh nutritious spring greens.


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